Mr Tyrone Carpenter MB BS BSc FRCOG MD
Consultant Gynaecologist

This is an overview of many of the conditions treated and surgical procedures undertaken by Mr Tyrone Carpenter. It is not a comprehensive guide but purely a site to gain further information either before or after a consultation. This is not intended to replace a face to face consultation. Mr Carpenter practises in the Poole, Bournemouth and surrounding areas.

Consultations involve a detailed discussion about your presenting complaint, examination and investigations. Common investigations include blood tests, ultrasound scans and in some cases CT scans or MRI scans. With this information treatment options can be outlined, tailored to your particular situation.

The conditions section provides information on common gynaecological symptoms / complaints, as well as details of treatments available. The procedures section explains operations available, including their risks and benefits as well as general information on what to expect post operatively. Contact details and links to other sources of information can be found in the contact and links sections.