Costs / Fees

Mr Carpenter undertakes his NHS work at University Hospitals Dorset, on the Poole site and appointments for these clinics can be booked via your general practitioner.

Mr Carpenter is registered with all standard uk providers of private medical insurance. The cost of all consultations and are covered (bar any excesses / policy specific exclusions) with the exception patients insured with  AXA and their subsidiaries. In this case there will be an excess of £90 for an initial consultation and £45 for subsequent consultations. Please be aware this is due to a significant reduction in the fees AXA pay as of October 2015 and not a change in Mr Carpenter’s operative fees which have not increased for over ten years.

Mr Carpenter’s consultation fees are;

 Initial Consultation  £230
 Follow up Consultation  £150


These appointments can be booked via Mr Carpenter’s secretary.